If you are not familiar with Ankara here are some suggestions and selections of favourite places (can be also located in our interactive map):

Museums / Galleries in Ankara

A detailed overview |

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

The CerModern | The museum of contemporary Art in Ankara

The Koç Museum  |

Restaurants around the conference venue

Boğaziçi Restaurant | Very good Turkish Dishes | Denizciler Cad. No:1/A Ulus ANKARA

 Güzel Karadeniz Lokantası | Good Turkish and Black Sea cuisine | İlkiz Sokak, No 12/B, Sıhhiye Ankara

 Fayton Mantı | Especially for its the dolma and Mantı | Strazburg caddesi No:4\A, 06000 Sıhhıye, Ankara, Turkey

Yeşil Nalın Kebap | For good kebaps | Atatürk Bulv. 44/Sıhhıye/Ankara

Tarihi Çiçek Lokantası |  Good selection of Turkish cuisine | Necatibey Cad. No: 15/B, Sıhhiye/ Ankara

Adana Sofrası | For Kebap and Pide | Necatibey Cad. No: 28-30, Sıhhıye/Ankara

Eski Sofra| Old Turkish and Ottoman cuisine | Necatibey Cad. No: 15/B, Sıhhıye/Ankara

Bursa Agahbey| For İskender Kebap| Necatibey Caddesi No: 28/A, Sıhhıye/Ankara

 Kebab 49 (Sıhhiye): Good Pides and Kebabs | Necatibey Caddesi No: 20/A, Sıhhıye/Ankara |

Uludag Kebapcisi| Good Kebaps and pides | Denizciler Cad. No:54, Ulus/Ankara

Cafes / Bars / Restaurants (close to the BIAA)

Cafemiz | for a unique Sunday morning Turkish Breakfast experience | Arjantin Cad. No:19 G.O.P Ankara

Cafe Delmundo | Turkish breakfast everyday (kahvaltı), world fusion cuisine and good coffee in a friendly atmosphere | Tunali Hilmi Cad. Abay Konanbay (Bilir) Sok. No:14/A

Rumeli Lokanta | Traditional casserole dishes; famous for its işkembe soup. Bestekar Sok. 86/B Kavaklıdere/Ankara

Kebab 49 (Tunalı) | Bulten sok. No5 | Good Pides and Kebabs

Kıtır |  At the side of Kuğulu park for a beer and quick food

Sushico | Our favourite Sushi place in Ankara | Arjantin Caddesi Attar Sokak No.10 Gaziosmanpaşa Ankara

Bigchefs  | for an upscale Turkish fusion cuisine experience

LeMan | For a dinner surrounded by images of famous Turkish comic designers

See Places located on google maps

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