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Pathways of Communication conference is the second of three major events organised by the British institute at Ankara in collaboration with different organisations exploring the themes of: DIVISIONS / CONNECTIONS / MOVEMENTS

Previous event:

International Workhsop: Bordered Places| Bounded Times

Reflexive Approaches to Understanding Societies. Perspectives on Turkey from Archaeology, History, Anthropology and Political Science

Ankara, 20-22 March 2014


Organised under the auspices of the British Institute at Ankara, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Social Sciences of the Middle East Technical / Settlment Archaeology. The workshop explored borders and boundaries as a powerful defining feature in human society that can separate, unite and catalyze change, as an area of conflict, of friendship and of trade. Fascilitating an intensively interdisciplinary, mutually beneficial dialogue with a broad perspective on border and boundary studies with a special focus on Turkey, the workhsop participants exhcanged ideas for theorizing the role of borders, both in the past and present across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Following event:

International Workhsop: In Motion

movements, crossings & tranfers in Turkey | From prehistoric heartlands to modern nation-state

Ankara, 26-27 September 2014

In motion (Workshop)

The last event will the workshop titled ‘In Motion: movements, crossings & transfers in Turkey – from prehistoric heartlands to modern nation-state’  planned for Autumn 2014. It will examine in a comparative fashion the way in which mobility of things, people and ideas has affected social change in different times. Its concrete shape will be co-determined by the results and outcomes of the workshop on borders and the conference on roads and routes, but provisional points of focus will include population exchanges, relocation policies during the Ottoman Empire, contemporary mobility of nomadic communities, immigration and refugees as well as the phenomenon of transhumance. Some of the biggest developments in the history of humankind have started in or passed through the area constituted as modern Turkey through diffusion of technologies, settlements, populations or agriculture for instance, all possible valuable themes for the workshop.

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