Sponsorship opportunities

Pathways of communication will be a pioneering event, forging innovative interdisciplinary and inter-methodological communication between different Archaeology-related disciplines. A large number of distinguished scholars and specialists have been invited to address themes that include theoretical approaches to human geography and network structures as well as diachronic comparison of road and route systems and GIS landscape analysis.

The programme is enriched by the participation of selected paper- presenters who will examine various methods for identifying roads and routes including textual analysis, the study of artefact distribution or targeted epigraphical and archaeological surveys, as well as excavations.

Participation and attendance

  • More than 50 presenters including many internationally renowned scholars.
  • Fee-free registration, central conference venue and simultaneous translation (Turkish-English) guarantees a large participation of attendees (expected 100/day).
  • Three-day event with side-activities (wine-reception, three coffee breaks/day, conference dinner).
  • Carefully designed planning and focus on wide publicity.

Click here to download our sponsorship opportunities scheme (PDF format 4 MB)


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